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Triple Action Strength Delivers Long
Lasting Odor Control

Unsurpassed odor-fighting power from a revolutionary system that combines 3 technological advancements in odor control. Just what you need for a busy litter box!

1) Knocks Out Ammonia Odors

Our patented ammonia odor eliminator immediately knocks ammonia odors out cold - but without the use of harsh chemicals, for a fresh and clean litter box the Jonny Cat® way.

2) Inhibits Fecal Odors

Jonny Cat® Complete works 24/7 to significantly reduce the development of fecal odors in the litter box, delivering the kind of odor control and protection you'd expect from the hardest working cat litter. Take that, odor!

3) High Speed Deodorizer

Our high speed deodorizer goes to work on odor instantly, leaving a scent that's clean and refreshing, yet safe and gentle for your cat.

You can find Jonny Cat Complete Multiple Cat in 10 lb. and 20 lb. bags.

Litter box maintenance is even easier with Jonny Cat Litter Box Liners.
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