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Keeping your cat happy like Dr. Jonny

Love and attention, baby - we need it just as much as the next species. But we also like to live a little, so play with us. Toys are great. Some suggestions:

With Toys!

Your kitty will spend most of its time sleeping. But when he is awake and in a playful mood be sure to provide plenty of interesting toys to keep him or her occupied.

  1. The most popular toy for cats are those that have a wand or stick of some sort, with something dangling from the end, such as a string or a feather. You can make a toy like that yourself and have a lot of fun with your cat.
  2. Cat toys with an erratic movement are often a big hit with cats, too. This behavior is actually instinctual. It gets their attention because it is similar to the movements made by their prey in the wild.
  3. Most cats love to stick their paw inside something to try and get the object out, although they generally just spend a lot of time swatting at it. Balls that go around a track can keep a cat busy for minutes (which is a long time for a cat).

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